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My story of breeding Olde English Bulldogge's (also known as the OEB or the Old English Bulldog) started in the fall of 2004 when I bought Dozer. I bought him with the belief that I was getting a healthy bulldog, devoid of the the health issues associated with today's English Bulldog. I always liked bulldogs but not all the health issues that plague them so I was very excited to find this breed. The cool looks and goofy personalities, athletic and able to protect if needed.

Dozer Male OEB

Well 6 months after I got him he developed severe allergies and hip problems, when I contacted the breeder we were told that it's a bulldog and they aren't perfect. Very disappointed but totally in love with the breed at this point, I started to do my research. I found that the breed was created by David Leavitt with the best of intentions, I found that many have taken the name and it's noble goals to sell puppies without doing the necessary health testing to ensure they are producing healthy dogs. The Olde English Bulldogge should not have any health issues, that being said we are dealing with live animals so things can happen but make sure you're dealing with a breeder that stands behind their dogs. At least 18 months for hips and covers all genetic issues, not just life threatening issues, and these dogs should not have the "common" English Bulldog issues so make sure those things are also covered.


Wrigs and Mazie (The Wymans)

(Wrigs and Mabel - The Wymans)

I spent 2 years researching the breed and animal husbandry before buying my first dog for breeding purposes. I now have several Olde English Bulldogge's and plan to expand on what has become my passion. Currently I have 2-3 litters per year and my dogs come with 2 year health guarantee's against any and all genetic conditions. I felt cheated when my supposedly healthy bulldog turned out not to be, mainly for him, he is my best friend knowing that he will have a painful old age because of a breeder trying to capitalize on the idea of a healthy bulldog really made me want to make a difference for the dogs and the pet owners that buy them.

We will not sell you an expensive Olde English Bulldogge Puppy and then tell you health problems are common. Beware of any breeder that tells you it's acceptable for any dog to have debilitating genetic heath issues.

Bulldogs should be medium to large in size strong and very capable and temperament is of utmost importance. We breed for a more laid back dog, very even tempered and predictable. While very able and willing to run off an unwanted guest these dogs are the perfect family companion and will provide years of joy without the pain and expense of having to deal with the wide spread health issues of the English Bulldog. Recently The Kennel Club in the UK changed the standard of english bulldog's to a standard very close to what Olde English Bulldogge breeders have been striving for. The reason for this change was the unhealthy bulldog puppies being produced in an effort to breed to an unhealthy standard. Your Olde English Bulldogge Puppy from Precision Bulldogges will not dissappoint!

Take some time and do some research before you buy a bulldog puppy, there are many great OEB breeders but just as many that are not good so do your homework.


Our main goal is to provide a healthy family companion. Our dogs can run and play all day without problems, they are also just as happy snuggled up with the kids on the couch watching a movie. These dogs have so much personality in my opinion there is not a better family pet on earth.

Beautiful, trust worthy, and healthy!


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If you are missing papers on a past pup please email me with your address and what papers you are missing.  I will get them out within a day or two